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Simon Harrison

Simon is a Town Planner, Development Surveyor and accredited Expert Witness. He leads and coordinates the full range of integrated design and assessment services required to achieve planning permission, and to realise maximum value from development projects.

Bespoke and Flexible Advice

Simon can work as part of your established professional team, or he can assemble a team and lead them through the whole process from start to finish.

Experienced Business Management

Simon is an experienced businessman and manager with experience in the running and management of large and small organisations. He brings corporate regulation and leadership skills to every aspect of his advice.


Development Project Evaluation and Strategic Direction

Often the most important and valuable advice you will receive, Simon will appraise the regulatory requirements, tactics and approach best required to achieve your development aims as quickly and efficiently as possible, mapping-out the approach and timetable to success.

Planning Applications, Appeals and Enforcement

As a former Head of Planning at one of Scotland’s largest authorities, and with over 25 years experience, Simon can provide a level of expertise and insight rarely available to those seeking planning permission, whether by application or appeal, or following enforcement action.

Land and Property Purchase and Sale

As a Development Surveyor, Simon can provide valuation advice and take you through the process of purchasing and/or selling land and property assets and investments, either with planning permission or with development potential.

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

One of the few practitioners with extensive experience in the process of compulsory acquisition, Simon can advice you as the acquiring authority or as the party in receipt of a Compulsory Purchase Order.

Brown Tourist Signage

Tourist-based facilities and developments benefit from good signage to help to give directions to tourists to enable them to find your premises in a safe and efficient manner.. Simon is a specialist in obtaining the necessary consents for the placement of Brown Tourist Visitor Signs, involving as it does a number of agencies and public authorities. He can also arrange for the placement of the signs, leaving the business owner to do what they do best and increase profitability from the subsequent increase in visitor numbers.

Business Management

Simon can add an experienced member to your business Board, bringing experience at Director and Senior Partner level, and from an executive and non-executive perspective.


Simon provides wholly independent professional advice and marketing services on all aspects of planning and development

Previous Projects

Set-out below are examples of past projects in which Simon has been involved. These outline the range of experience and type of commissions that Simon can help you with.

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Armadale, West Lothian


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